Life is a journey....

I've always been driven and love a challenge.

After much thought I have decided to check off one of my many "LIVED LIST"  moments.

I'm going to be competing in my 2nd  ever All Natural Bikini competition! 

My journey started Feb 23rd, 2015 with my first competition. I've been working deligently on improving myself. I've gotta say I'm loving every step of the way. My personal motto is "If it isn't FUN, don't do it"  I plan on making this time as upbeat as I can.

Please feel free to follow me in my personal journey.




June 2015 on the left after 16 weeks of prep, September 4th,2016 on the right. Eating clean, lifting and hiking. This is the beginning of my 12 week prep for my next competition November 19,2016. 


March 2016 on the left,off season plus a shoulder injury

Septemer 2016 on the right, eating clean, lifting consistantly, hiking 3-4 times a week!

lt's a journey! 

Cleaning eating, dedication equals a transformed body!

I will defy age and gravity!


week 1 on the lef, 
week 6 on the right 



2nd Place in Master 40 and above

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